[Esd-l] Limiting the number of procmail processes

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Sat Jul 27 18:51:00 PDT 2002

At 05:07 PM 7/26/2002, Kevin Halverson wrote:
>Could anyone tell me how I can limit the number of procmail processes
>that can be created by sendmail?
>I'm running John Hardin's E-mail Sanitizer on my mail server, and it's
>working great, but it causes sendmail to spawn too many processes when
>there's a large number of e-mails, which is really killing the system.
>Sendmail doesn't recognize these processes as children of itself, so I
>can't control it with MaxDaemonChildren.

Actually, you should be able to, because it's Sendmail's "daemon children" 
that invoke procmail. But if that doesn't seem to be working, try limiting
message sizes, simultaneous connections, and/or load factors.


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