[Esd-l] Limiting the number of procmail processes

Kevin Halverson kwh at montana.edu
Fri Jul 26 16:07:01 PDT 2002

Could anyone tell me how I can limit the number of procmail processes
that can be created by sendmail?

I'm running John Hardin's E-mail Sanitizer on my mail server, and it's
working great, but it causes sendmail to spawn too many processes when
there's a large number of e-mails, which is really killing the system.

Sendmail doesn't recognize these processes as children of itself, so I
can't control it with MaxDaemonChildren.

I've tried disabling the macro checking, but there's such a high volume
of e-mail on the server that it still runs out of processes.

I'm sure other people have run into this, but I didn't find anything in
the archives.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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