[Esd-l] Worm warning: w32.Mypart@mm

John D. Hardin jhardin at impsec.org
Thu Jan 31 06:52:00 PST 2002

On Wed, 30 Jan 2002, Murray Crane wrote:

> For those that want it, here is a very simple local.procmail
> recipe to catch the lovely yahoo party worm.  If anyone would like
> a sample of this beast to improve/tighten this recipe just ask.  
> I diff'ed the four copies we got overnight and the only
> differences (barring headers) was the random number the sanitizer
> put into the "filename" to mangle it.

According to Symantec there are two variants with different filenames.
You mighe want to use

   * ^begin [0-9][0-9][0-9] (filename1|filename2)


I put one of these together the first day, but reading the analysis on
the Symantec site says the worm is only active for about a week, so I
figured the effort wasn't worth it, as this one will die off on its

...unless a non-time-limited variant is released, of course.

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