[Esd-l] security_notify_sender return address?

Paul A Pick paul.pick at ec.gc.ca
Thu Jan 17 16:10:59 PST 2002

Hi all,

 I've turned on security_notify_sender with a nice little
blurb about the sorts of attachments that our mail server
will not accept (ie: you likely got bounced because...).
When this notice gets sent out, the Return-Path: gets set
to the local user who was to receive the blocked mail.
If the return address on the original message was fake
(or, indeed, if the notification email encounters any
errors) then the local user receives those errors (and
promptly asks IT why they are receiving errors for messages
that they are sure they never sent).

 Is there some way to get the sanitizer to set the
Return-Path: (or Errors-To:) on these notifications?

 BTW: The sanitizer is a life saver, John! :)

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