[Esd-l] the procmail sanitizer and system wide maildir delivery...

*Nick Walsh - Ardec - MIS nwalsh at ardec.com.au
Thu Jan 17 14:13:01 PST 2002

Hi all.

I'm moving my users over to courier imap from uw, and have been moving
individuals one by one by putting a catchall rule at the bottom of their
~/.procmailrc file:
|maildir /home/<username>/Maildir

Once I complete this for all users I want to make this the default
system wide. Since I use procmail as the mda (for sendmail) for the
sanitiser, am I right in guessing that I need something like...

|maildir /home/$LOGNAME/Maildir

between the html-trap INCLUDERC and variable resetting at the bottom of
the /etc/procmailrc file on the incoming mail server?

(maildir is from the safecat package. I'm using that instead of
procmails inbuilt maildir delivery because I read that it didn't
implement the qmail maildir algorithm correctly)

Thanks for any information.



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