[Esd-l] Executable got through sanitizer

Marcus Williams marcus at quintic.co.uk
Mon Sep 10 01:41:00 PDT 2001

Hi -

We just had an email get throught the sanitizer with an attachment
named "MAKETAG.EXE" which appears to be a variant of the Magistr
virus. What worried me about this was that it got through at all since
I have *.exe's poisoned and mangled. It looks like it didnt mangle it

The message has its subject changed because its over sized but then
nothing else seems to happen to it and it gets delivered. If this is
what causes it, how hard would it be to quarantine oversized headered
messages for the time being?

I can send the headers/mime content to the list or put them up on a
www site if anyone wants to take a peek.



Marcus Williams - http://www.onq2.com
Quintic Ltd, 39 Newnham Rd, Cambridge, CB3 9EY

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