[Esd-l] badtrans ad infinitum

Christian Parigger cparigge at utsi.edu
Wed Nov 28 07:22:01 PST 2001

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 Your "sanitizer" has been very useful, yet I have 'imposed' a rather
stringent policy almost without
 relaxing things. Some actually object by having this protection, and
the ones that object have recently
 received and had blocked  badtrans. That's just the way things seem
to be in life. I fully appreciate 
your upgrades, yet certainly I am/ we are not 'infinitely' save.

 One idea would include the use of portsentry-alike protection for
flodding from certain sites, although
 I am not certain how to do that with email, viz. if more than
so-many "active emails" come from a site
 per hour or day, block the site (I'd know how to that with attacks
on ports to a reasonable degree).

 I/we have been flodded with Sircam back in July, whereby
"overfloweth" resulted in my/our quarantine. Therefore,
 the milder solution would perhaps be to blackhole (or bit-bucket
into /dev/null) active email received at a 
 set rate from certain sites (rather than blocking the whole site).


 P.S.: I'd be happy to send an e-mail as well, as long as we do not
generate an agreed DoS I'd have to say.
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> My quarantine overfloweth.
> Does anybody know BillG's email address so we can all do something
> useful with these damned things?
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