[Esd-l] Badtrans signature for local-rules

John D. Hardin jhardin at impsec.org
Mon Nov 26 11:32:00 PST 2001

Okay, here is the final local-rules ruleset for detecting and
quarantining badtrans. I'll add it to the website later today.

If you're not using the sanitizer, modify the action section

Beware line-wrap.

# Trap BadTrans? (signature as of 11/26/2001)
* > 40000
* < 50000
* ^Subject:.*Re:
* ^Content-Type:.*multipart/related;.*"multipart/alternative";.*boundary="====_ABC1234567890DEF_===="
        :0 B hfi
	* ^Content-Type: audio/x-wav;
        * ^Content-ID: <EA4DMGBP9p>
        * ^Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
        | formail -A "X-Content-Security: [$HOST] NOTIFY" \
                  -A "X-Content-Security: [$HOST] QUARANTINE" \
                  -A "X-Content-Security: [$HOST] REPORT: Trapped
BadTrans worm - see

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 11:17:51 -0800
From: Procmail Security daemon <postmaster at impsec.org>
To: jhardin at hq.impsec.org
Subject: SECURITY WARNING - possible email attack

REPORT: Trapped BadTrans worm - see http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.badtrans.b@mm.html
REPORT: Not a document, or already poisoned by filename. Not scanned for macros.
STATUS: Message quarantined in /var/spool/mail/security, not delivered to recipient.

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