OT: Rejecting SPAM (was Re: [Esa-l]Filtering email address first)

Patrick pat at sid-dis.com
Fri Jun 22 17:59:36 PDT 2001

>Do you really get $10,000 orders via email -- no other contact?
>I'm impressed.
>Bottom line: email is best-effort delivery.  It is not
>guaranteed, no matter what anyone tells you.  Do not use it as
>your sole means of doing business.

??? What's your point here? Do I said I rely on email to do my 
business? Yes we got regularly order of that amount by email, but
if for one reason or another we don't get it, the customer will
sure call us. It's only easier to get an order by email than fax.
It's more to confirm what have been ordered over the phone than 
anything else.

What I mean is that while receiving email from a particular domain,
I receive too much spam sometimes from that same domain and this is 
the later I want to avoid. I never told email was a secure way of 
doing business!!!


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