[Esa-l]Sanitizer as an antispam tool

John D. Hardin jhardin at impsec.org
Fri Jun 22 08:27:56 PDT 2001

I've been seeing this sort of thing in my notifications lately:

Trapped excessively long header:
Message-ID: <00000793105a$00004671$000018cd at mindspring
(user-3qt5hn.dialup.mindspring.com[]) by
(8.9.3/8.8.5) with SMTP id OAA06398 from 110140321worldnet.att.net
([]) by mtiwmhc98.worldnet.att.net (InterMail v03.02.07.07
with SMTP id<20090116195452.ZOMX28505 at 110940321worldnet.att.net> myrop
(ew6.southwind.net []) by onyx.southwind.netfrom
( by newmail.spectraweb.ch from default
[]) byhost.warwick.net (8.10.0.Beta10/8.10.0.Beta10)
with SMTP id
e9GKEKk19201mcpeely.concentric.net (mcfeely.concentric.net
darius.concentric.net (8.9.1a/(98/12/15 5.12)) id PAA04003from default
(m202.2-25.warwick.net []) byhost.warwick.net
(8.10.0.Beta10/8.10.0.Beta10) with SMTP id e0GKEKk19201taffar
(pool-209-138-205-92-dlls.grid.net []) by
smtp7.atl.mindspring.net (ts029d25.nil-ny.concentric.net

The messages have been 100% spam. It seems the spam-tools vendors are
up to their usual quality control standards... :)

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