[Esa-l]Filtering email address first

Edwin ten Brink edwin at cam061311.student.utwente.nl
Thu Jun 21 17:26:16 PDT 2001

> This may not be the ideal list to post that, but since everyone
> here seem to know alot about perl, I'll try.

Since it's not the ideal list to pose this question, I'll respond 
with a answer not entirely related to the list's topic. :-)
> I need to add a filter for email address. This should only
> allow
> email addressed to specific email in the To:, cc, bcc and
> x-enveloppe field from an email list file. If the email is
> found then just continue with the sanitizer else bounce with a
> message indicating the recipient can't be found and delete the
> email.
> I need that because the volume of spam is growing every day in
> my organisation and doing so should help a little bit.

If you try to stop spam, you may want to block incoming smtp 
connections from known spam relays. It works great for me. Spammers 
don't even try that much anymore, though I'm using my e-mail 
address freely.

Try the (free!) MAPS services (http://mail-abuse.org/)
Realtime Blackhole List
Relay Spam Stopper
Dialup Users List



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