[Esa-l]Filtering email address first

Patrick pat at sid-dis.com
Thu Jun 21 16:29:11 PDT 2001

Hi everyone,

This may not be the ideal list to post that, but since everyone
here seem to know alot about perl, I'll try.

I need to add a filter for email address. This should only allow
email addressed to specific email in the To:, cc, bcc and x-enveloppe
field from an email list file. If the email is found then just continue
with the sanitizer else bounce with a message indicating the recipient
can't be found and delete the email.

I need that because the volume of spam is growing every day in my
organisation and doing so should help a little bit.

Also, is it possible to replace the To: field with the x-enveloppe-to field?

I found that many spam or mailing list use the last field but with crappy or
blank To field.

I need this because I use an exchnange server with a pop3 puller that can
read only the To, cc and bcc field. So if empty, the emails never reach the

If anyone can help, this will be greatly appreciated. Or any link that talk
about such thing.

BTW: that sanitizer saved me from lot of work many times now. Really a great
     product. Continue the good work.

Thanks a lot.


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