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Murray Crane mcrane at longbridge.com
Tue Jun 12 04:50:51 PDT 2001

John (et. al.),

Further to this, anyone have any idea what facility name is used by procmail to do the logging?

I keep having to reboot our sanitizer box because [particularly] the procmail log grows hugely quickly.  I am now having to rotate the procmail log daily, only keep a single 
previous log and am having to compress all the logs on this machine.  It would be nice to foist it off to another machine (like our central logging server) where it can be dealt with 

Murray Crane
Longbridge International Plc

On Sat, 9 Jun 2001 12:33:29 +0200, Nedudgi wrote:

>I set up one log file (/var/log/procmail) for all users, but it
>would be even better to have ONLY the poisoned (or at least the
>name-mangled) messages logged into this file.
>Instead of that now it lists each and every mail processed through
>my server - even the ones with no attachments.
>Is it possible to set procmail work the way I'd like to have?
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