[Esa-l] Where to find source for mimencode and mktemp

chorn at chorn.com chorn at chorn.com
Mon Feb 26 06:24:54 PST 2001

On 2001/02/26 10:33:27 +0100, Phil Pennock wrote:

> On 2001-02-25 at 13:30 -0800, Joe Pace wrote:
> > I have been unable to locate the source for mimencode and mktemp --
> > would some kind soul let me know where to find?
> mimencode(1) is part of metamail, which is available at:
>  <ftp://thumper.bellcore.com/pub/nsb/mm2.7.tar.Z>
> mktemp is typically part of the OS.  I'm unaware of specific packages
> for any OS.  

For recent RedHat Linux versions at least it's a separate package,

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