[Esd-l] xmascottage.shs

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Mon Dec 24 13:05:01 PST 2001

At 01:47 PM 12/24/2001, Dan Riley wrote:

>The one copy we've intercepted had text and some other attachments
>that did not look at all virusy.  'strings' on xmascottage.shs seemed
>to show it to be Crimbo.exe, a Flash christmas card that made the
>rounds last year.

"Crimbo?" That sure sounds more like the name of a worm or virus than
that of a legitimate program.

>  I'm rather suspicious of it being packed up as a
>scrap object, but NAV didn't recognize it as anything in particular.

Maybe it's "Magic Lantern," which McAfee recently pledged NOT 
to detect. :-(


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