[Esd-l] xmascottage.shs

Dan Riley dsr at mail.lns.cornell.edu
Mon Dec 24 12:48:00 PST 2001

Brett Glass <brett at lariat.org> writes:
> We're seeing (and blocking!) mass mailings of a file with the name
> xmascottage.shs. The messages bearing this attachment are always
> addressed to many people at once and never seem to have text -- just
> the attachment. To paraphrase an old Christmas song, "What worm is
> this...?"

The one copy we've intercepted had text and some other attachments
that did not look at all virusy.  'strings' on xmascottage.shs seemed
to show it to be Crimbo.exe, a Flash christmas card that made the
rounds last year.  I'm rather suspicious of it being packed up as a
scrap object, but NAV didn't recognize it as anything in particular.
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