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Matt McNamara mmcnamara at emed.com
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I've found the "Home Network Security" document at CERT to be a good 
starting point for unsophisticated users.  It answers many common 
security questions including ones pertaining to viruses, worms and 
trojan horses.


CERT also has a page with "Computer Virus Resources" which makes another 
good starting point.


Here is a good link from Symantec, obviously tilted towards Norton 

What is the difference between viruses, worms, and Trojans?


I usually point inquisitive people to the CERT "Home Network Security" 
document and the Symantec Antivirus Research Center http://www.sarc.com  .

Hope you find these links useful.

> Does anybody know of a good web page that describes what email worms
> are, how you get infected, and how you clean up afterward, written at
> the level of the very casual (unsophisticated) computer user?
> One person who got a bounce notice contacted me. I suggested she get
> AV software. She just wrote back and said that it reported she was
> infected by seventeen (!) viruses.
> I'm spending more time than I really want to writing polite,
> informative replies to people who contact me and don't know what's
> going on. I'd like to be able to direct them to a website, if one
> already exists, for the bulk of the information they should have.
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