[Esd-l] Weird behavior on some attachments

Mark Wendt wendt at kingcrab.nrl.navy.mil
Thu Dec 20 07:14:01 PST 2001


         I've done that in the /etc/procmailrc, added the *.exe to the 
/etc/procmail/stripped file, and MANGLE_EXTENSIONS.  It strips the 
attachment just fine if the *.exe attachment was sent in an email from a 
client such as Eudora.  It doesn't work on a *.exe attachment that was sent 
from M$ Outlook (versions 2000 and 2002).  Using Outlook 2002, it sees the 
attachment as a UUE attachment and it defangs the extension.  Using Outlook 
2000, it sees the attachment as a MIME attachment, acts like it's stripping 
the attachment, then leaves the MIME encoding as the body of the email.

         I'm hoping there's a hack I can use to treat the UUE and MIME 
attachments from Outlook the same as an attachment from Eudora.


At 09:47 AM 12/20/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> > >I just want to strip the attachment completely off, leaving the body 
> of the
> > >email intact.
> >
> > I am ready to be flamed for this, but if memory serves me, John has
> > implemented stripping only as a by-product of his local.procmail handling
> > code, and only in the most recent version of the sanitizer (which I'm not
> > using yet, naughty me...)
>Right.. the latest version does support stripping attachments.  It actually
>works exactly like the system for poisoning an attachment.  As long as the
>extension is listed in the MANGLE_EXTENTIONS list, you can add that extension
>to the file you defined with STRIPPED_EXECUTABLES and it will strip the file
>out of the email.
>For example, we strip 'exe' extensions at our location.  So, I verified that
>'exe' was one of the extensions being defanged (meaning it was in the
>MANGLE_EXTENSIONS).  I then edited my /etc/procmailrc, and added the line:
>and then I just added *.exe to /etc/procmail/stripped.
>That will strip all exe extensions.  Since you wish strip all attachments, 
>go right down the MANGLE_EXTENSIONS list and add em all to the stripped file:
>etc etc.
>Good luck!
>   -Eric
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