[Esd-l] Weird behavior on some attachments

Eric Andreychek eja at rwcwarranty.com
Thu Dec 20 06:48:01 PST 2001


> >I just want to strip the attachment completely off, leaving the body of the
> >email intact.
> I am ready to be flamed for this, but if memory serves me, John has
> implemented stripping only as a by-product of his local.procmail handling
> code, and only in the most recent version of the sanitizer (which I'm not
> using yet, naughty me...)

Right.. the latest version does support stripping attachments.  It actually
works exactly like the system for poisoning an attachment.  As long as the
extension is listed in the MANGLE_EXTENTIONS list, you can add that extension
to the file you defined with STRIPPED_EXECUTABLES and it will strip the file
out of the email.

For example, we strip 'exe' extensions at our location.  So, I verified that
'exe' was one of the extensions being defanged (meaning it was in the
MANGLE_EXTENSIONS).  I then edited my /etc/procmailrc, and added the line:


and then I just added *.exe to /etc/procmail/stripped.

That will strip all exe extensions.  Since you wish strip all attachments, just
go right down the MANGLE_EXTENSIONS list and add em all to the stripped file:


etc etc.

Good luck!

Eric Andreychek
Residential Warranty Corporation
(717) 561-4480 x2245

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