[Esa-l] quarantined email stuck in que?

Bill Larson blarson at compu.net
Mon Aug 20 22:16:32 PDT 2001

As for your problem I have no idea.

However, you probally want to update your procmail

In addition Sendmail reports that you probally need to update it also

Sendmail, Inc., and the Sendmail Consortium announce the availability of
sendmail 8.11.6 and 8.12.0.Beta19.

This new version fixes a security problem reported by SecurityFocus
regarding command line processing. This vulnerability is present in sendmail
open source versions between 8.10.0 and 8.11.5 as well as all 8.12.0.Beta
versions. Therefore, sendmail 8.12.0.Beta users should upgrade to

The problem was not present in 8.10 or earlier versions. However, as always,
we recommend using the latest version. Note that this problem is not
remotely exploitable.

8.11.6 is planned to be the final 8.11 release before 8.12.0 is released.

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Subject: [Esa-l] quarantined email stuck in que?

> Has anybody had the problem with html-trap.procmail ruleset v1.129
catching the
> poisoned e-mail but leaving it in the mail Que and sending out warnings
> every hour?  I'm having to deleting it manually from the Que. each time.
> I was running v 1.111 for a while with no problem and just recently
> Currently running...
> procmail-3.14-2
> sendmail-8.11.0
> RH6.2
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