[Esa-l] Outgoing Mail

Eric Brosius ebrosius at sunyorange.edu
Tue Aug 14 08:38:51 PDT 2001

>Hmmm, you know, the use of an email scanner such as this has most certainly
>cut the costs of managing a network for many of my clients.
>Problem is though,
>an anecdote is worth as bout as much as a percentage to a suit..;-)
>Has anyone ever quantified in any form the cost benefits of using something
>like John's Software?

>Brent Wallis

I can't tell you exactly how much money my college is saving using John's
software.  But look at it this way...I don't spend $10,000 on a incoming
virus checker from Commandcom or McAfee.  I don't spend days disinfecting
computers where people opened the Sircam Virus.  And I don't spend days
trying to track down who my "unknowing" users sent the virus too (although
without an outgoing scanner, this isn't 100%).  And I can tell you that in 1
week, we've stopped over 125 viruses (mostly sircam) from being delivered to
my users.  To me...that's worth a LOT of money!!

Eric Brosius
Technical Assistant
Orange County Community College

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