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> At 07:17 PM 8/13/01 -0500, Floyd Pierce wrote:
> Depending on the antivirus program, type, and configuration, you can have
> relatively good control of updates, even on Windows environments.  The
> Norton AV Corporate edition is pretty good this way.  With a bit of Samba,
> VNC, and scripting on a UNIX system, this can be quite automated
> in any case.

Well, we aren't quite as Microsoft Centric as some, so we don't
have a domain that all employees log into. Norton won't do (as
best I can tell) auto-updates from the corporate edition without
everyone on a domain. Our remotes don't have Win Servers and I
don't want to deal with 250 remote PC users on the NT box. So,
unless you know something I don't, we are at the mercy of the
users to assure the updates are done......

> >I'm not concerned about protecting stupid
> >users from themselves, I'm concerned about protecting innocent
> >bystanders from the stupid user.
> Innocent bystanders must protect themselves.  Nobody can be on
> the internet
> while allowing themselves to follow insecure practices (knowingly or not)
> and be considered innocent.  There is an implicit "internet driver's
> license" of sorts.

If you (your company, your employees) send something to your best
customer, your plan will probably end with quite a bang. So, I
would suggest you consider, at a minimum, the employees of your
customers (who are the most likely outside targets, no?) as
innocent bystanders.

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