[Esa-l] Outgoing Mail

Eric Brosius ebrosius at sunyorange.edu
Mon Aug 13 12:05:18 PDT 2001

Hello all.  I've just installed the "sanitizer" last week, and I love it!!
It's great.  I've let John know that too.  I wanted to see how everyone is
handling outgoing mail since the sanitizer doesn't "scan" it.  The only
thing we've thought about so far, was implementation a second email server,
and forward all our mail from our primary mail server out thought the 2nd
email server, so that the sanitizer would catch it.  But I'd like to see on
how the effort is coming on scanning out going emails.  And information will
be helpful!!  Thanks and have a nice day.

Eric D. Brosius
Technical Assistant
Technical Services
Orange County Community College

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