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Mon Apr 16 19:33:29 PDT 2001

On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, rcooper wrote:

> When enabling SECURITY_NOTIFY_RECIPIENT the recipient does indeed
> get a message notifying them of the filtered email.  
> Unfortunately this does not include a transcript of the email
> headers etc of whom or where the message came from.  Thus the
> recipient is left confused as to who generated the message.  Is
> there a way to enable this feature to send more information?

Well, yes, you could cut-and-paste the headers part from the
administrator notify into the recipient notify - see the attached
(totally untested quickie) diff.

If you wanted only certain headers it would be correspondingly more

> This feature is nice because the recipient can take corrective
> measures with the person sending the email that was filtered.  
> But not if they have no idea who the message came from.  While I
> understand in a number of cases it may be hard to tell, in some
> cases Im sure the recipient will recognize who the email came
> from,

I didn't think of this because I (as postmaster) tend to handle that
for my users.

> Finally, if an attachment in the email is poisoned, cant we just
> use NOTIFY_RECIPIENT to just forward the message without the
> attachment? Inserting our security message at the beginning
> notifying the recipient we stripped the attachment for security
> reasons would be good, but allowing them to get the rest of the
> message which is not a threat would be nice as well.

1.x can't, 2.x will be able to strip attachments.

> Believe me, it bugs the hell out of end users who know they never
> received an email from person(s) completely unknown.

:) Psy warfare.

> So my question I guess is are there any plans for now or in the
> future to enhance this feature.  In theory its a useful function
> provided we can get more information from it to satisfy the end
> users curiosity.

Yes, 2.0 will have much better end-user reporting capabilities.

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