rcooper rcooper at jamesconeyisland.com
Mon Apr 16 07:25:34 PDT 2001

When enabling SECURITY_NOTIFY_RECIPIENT the recipient does indeed get a 
message notifying them of the filtered email.  Unfortunately this does not 
include a transcript of the email headers etc of whom or where the message
came from.  Thus the recipient is left confused as to who generated the 
message.  Is there a way to enable this feature to send more information?

This feature is nice because the recipient can take corrective measures with 
the person sending the email that was filtered.  But not if they have no idea 
who the message came from.  While I understand in a number of cases it may be
hard to tell, in some cases Im sure the recipient will recognize who the 
email came from,

Finally, if an attachment in the email is poisoned, cant we just  use 
NOTIFY_RECIPIENT to just forward the message without the attachment?
Inserting our  security message at the beginning notifying the recipient we 
stripped the attachment for security reasons would be good, but allowing them 
to get the rest of the message which is not a threat would be nice as well.

In it's current implementation, I had to disable SECURITY_NOTIFY_RECIPIENT
due to the fact it was actually creating more work for me, with the subsequent
email's coming from users who had no idea where or who the message came from,
asking me for more details.  Believe me, it bugs the hell out of end users 
who know they never received an email from person(s) completely unknown.

So my question I guess is are there any plans for now or in the future to 
enhance this feature.  In theory its a useful function provided we can get 
more information from it to satisfy the end users curiosity.

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