[Esa-l] Re: Felix Navidad ... Stripping Attachments

Michael H. Martel martelm at quark.vsc.edu
Wed Nov 29 06:04:40 PST 2000

--On Tuesday, November 28, 2000 10:34 PM -0700 Lee Howard 
<faxguy at deanox.com> wrote:

>> Any opinions anybody? An option to strip the poisoned attachment
>> off instead of quarantining the message?
> I like it (and would use it instead of quarantining), as long as a note is
> left indicating something like, "This mail contained an attachment named
> $FILENAME which was stripped by the mailsystem due to suspicious content.
> Contact your network administrator for further information."

I just had a thought, which I'm sure complicates things more ... :-)

What happens to the stripped attachment ?  I occasionally get valid 
attachments that meet some criteria of the poisoned list (the double dot 
extensions are one of them).

Is it possible for the attachment to be saved to a directory with a unique 
prefix to the name, for later disposal ? Just a thought. :-)




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