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Miguel Louro miggie at obsidian.co.za
Wed Nov 22 08:34:26 PST 2000

Me three!!!

yeah, 3 of my clients got delt the exact same thing, I think sorted it out
by adding it to the /etc/procmailrc/poisoned file list.
before doing this I had to end up doing mail -f to all the users mail
boxes so that I could delete the infected mails that was still there.

Only been on this list 2 days, but I have to say the procmail security
filter is a blessing planning to use it more and more :)))) and it has
sooo much scope for more more development for further things that arise.

On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, David Collantes wrote:
> Hi there!
> Before all, thanks for the great procmail fliter! Now, I am having a
> slight problem. I have users who are receiving the "navidad.exe" virus
> included on an email that is attached to an email. In other words, there
> is an email with "navidad.exe". That email got forwarded and an attachment
> (the whole email, not "navidad.exe" itself). The filter is not catching
> that and the users are open to the virus threat.
> Any fix for that? Thanks and...
> Cheers!
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