[Esa-l] Update on POISONED Failure

Jason D. Jordan guru at swami.pcguru.com.au
Tue Jul 25 19:31:41 PDT 2000


Firstly - I'vehad quite a few emails from people who sent to me directly -
I'm not sure that was the inetion - so guys please check to see that your
email is at least cc'd to thelist as well.

Secondly - thanks to some wisdom from one particular person - this failure
to block poisoned attachments is probably related to the fact that I forward
email directly to my Exchange Server if a user does not exist on the Linux
Mail Gateway box.  This means that procmail never gets executed as we check
for user and if not exist - forward.

Does anyone know of a way to force procmail to be executed regardless if the
user exists or not?  Or to put it another way - to force forwarded/relayed
email through procmail too.

Cheers, Jas

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