[Esa-l] html-trap.procmail 1.14 query

Patrick pat at sid-dis.com
Tue Jul 25 18:50:44 PDT 2000

I have the same problem. Filtering incoming mail then exchange server
get it by pop (I can't smtp since I don't have a fixed IP). 

The macro scoring doesn't work too. Seem that I can't do chomp (at
least it's where the script stop working properly). Don't know why yet.

The remaining of the script is working properly. 


At 07:55 AM 7/26/00 +0800, you wrote:
>Howdy Folks,
>Is anyone running html-trap.procmail on a mail gateway rather than just
>filtering for themselves?
>I have a Linux/Sendmail Box here acting as a Mail Gateway/Relay for around
>4000 users, and html-trap.procmail kind of works - but not really!
>The name mangling seems to be fine.  Macro scoring seems to be ok. HTML
>defanging also seems to work.
>The blocking of poisoned attachments doesn't.
>It just lets the ball right through.
>Using the example of VBS attachments... I have *.vbs in the "poisoned" file
>in /etc/procmail and I have vb[es] in my MANGLE_EXTENSIONS.  Yet these
>attachments come straight on through.
>The only thing I can see that I am doing any differently is that I'm not
>just filtering for one mailbox, rather 4000 ( only 50 have a mailbox on this
>Linux box - the rest get forwarded straight to an Exchange Server ).
>If some different configuration setups are needed for a gateway/relay -
>could someone please let me how it's done?
>Cheers, Jas
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