[Esa-l] Re: Felix Navidad ... Stripping Attachments

David Collantes david at bus.ucf.edu
Wed Dec 6 08:59:15 PST 2000

The sanitizer does a great job. It can be enhanced, but the nice thing
about it is that it does a great job and that it is simple. Do not
complicate it with "reports" and others alike.

A poisoned file and a mangle extensions file is all we need. Reporting to
the admin, to the sender, to the recipient and to the sender postmaster is
good enough reporting. A switch for quarantining poisoned or simply delete
them ought to be enough (I do not quarantine, just /dev/null'd them).
Perhaps a note added to the email containing DEFANGED files stating how to
make the file to work (some silly users does not know how to do that) and
warning that it may contain damaging software could be good.


David Collantes, Senior Systems Administrator
(407) 823-3418 - College of Business Administration
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL - US

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