[Esd-l] Re: Suggested "Badtrans.B" recipe addition

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Tue Nov 27 12:19:01 PST 2001

At 12:50 PM 11/27/2001, John D. Hardin wrote:

>You'd add something like:
>  * ^From:.*<_
>but a review of today's catch indicates that might not be a good idea.
>I trapped one that had passed through a YahooGroups mailing list, and
>the From: header had been de-underbarred. 

True; it's not 100% certain to work. But I want to have lots of checks
on tap so that there's more chance of catching the worm. Additional
checks also would make the system resistant to mutations.

I'd actually like to add the underbar check as a separate recipe.
The best method would be to compare the envelope "From" with the
header, and see if the latter contains the former preceded by an 


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