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jsid-1279476424-239  JebTexas at Sun, 18 Jul 2010 18:07:04 +0000

We need more like the Geek,  and you also Kevin. I love it: "it'd be best for you never to encounter me." Righteous!

jsid-1279489001-898  Britt at Sun, 18 Jul 2010 21:36:42 +0000

I had the misfortune of encountering one just the other night. He is a student at Yale, his father teaches sociology (yay....) at Princeton. When I indulged in jibe to the effect that the discipline is essentially a form of modern sophistry, he became a little indignant.

"My father was an advisor to the Clinton White House!"

My reply was to wait a beat and tell him "So your argument against my position that sociology is essentially high grade bullshit is that Bill Clinton listened to his advice?"

I'm not sure, but I think he honestly expected me to be impressed by the fact that his father had at one time done useless work and been paid with wealth confiscated from people doing useful work. There is this vast gulf. He's definitely a young scion of the ruling class, and no doubt he'll at some point in his life relate his horrible experience of the time he traveled to Richmond and ran into this benighted Southerner who thought that sociology, and NPR, and the UN, and all these other things were wastes of money, and even though he tried to enlighten the savage, the savage kept insisting that something called math and logic and the Constitution was against the positions that are obviously correct, because my daddy told me they were and he worked for the government.

I don't even bother. My main goal now is stocking up on supplies so when the war comes I can do my part. Hopefully we can get a coup de main of sorts done and exile most of the Left to Canada before it gets really nasty. Joking? I might be, but honestly I am continually pissed that all the people that love the government running their lives can't just move to one of the dozens of places in the world where the government does run your life, and leave me the hell alone. I hear Pyongyang is lovely this time of year.

jsid-1279573760-538  Laughingdog at Mon, 19 Jul 2010 21:09:20 +0000

I'm always amazed at the intellectual laziness of so many people, with regards to the concept of democracy, and how people conveniently pick and choose with "the peoples' will" trumps everything else.  I saw good examples of this on Townhall.com the other day.  First was an article about people suing over the "don't ask, don't tell" policy.  The people suing actually had the audacity to complain that the policy restricted the free-expression of service members.  Somehow, they had forgotten that service members forgo some of their rights by signing up for the military.  Apparently, "the peoples' will" overrides that contract.

Then, on the same day, I read a column on there complaining about the courts overturning laws related to the Defense of Marriage act.  The way he wrote it, you could have just replaced any reference to the DOMA with "Bush's 2000 election", and it would have looked like most of the articles crying about activist judges after Gore lost.  It amazes me how "activist judge" never means "ignoring the Constitution".  It always seems to translate into "doesnt' do what I want".

Sadder still was that the column was written by a black man.  But if you replaced DOMA with "blacks", it would have been an argument against civil rights.  It's sad that so few understand that, just because the majority wants something, doesn't make it the right thing to do.

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