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jsid-1273845144-334  Sarah at Fri, 14 May 2010 13:52:24 +0000

*applause* Here's to 49 more blog years. May they be as fruitful and interesting as the first 49.

jsid-1273848553-524  Russell at Fri, 14 May 2010 14:49:13 +0000

Congrats, Kevin. Keep up the free ice cream! :)

jsid-1273849971-714  Stephen R at Fri, 14 May 2010 15:12:51 +0000

Okay, new rule:  If anyone reading this blog ever becomes President, they have to declare May 14 "Kevin Baker Day".   ;)

jsid-1274625839-352  khbaker at Sun, 23 May 2010 14:43:59 +0000 in reply to jsid-1273849971-714

"Smallest Minority Day."

jsid-1273853400-340  Ed "What the" Heckman at Fri, 14 May 2010 16:10:00 +0000

Congratulations Kevin! Welcome to year 8! May it be better than the previous 7 combined.

jsid-1274625987-664  khbaker at Sun, 23 May 2010 14:46:27 +0000 in reply to jsid-1273853400-340

In my pessimism, I expect this year to not be so good.  And the next several after.

The world's economic chickens are apparently coming home to roost.

jsid-1273854337-626  Borepatch at Fri, 14 May 2010 16:25:37 +0000

Congrats, Kevin, and let me add my voice to the chorus:

You're plausibly assuming the mantle of the sadly missed Steven den Beste.

jsid-1273864505-414  khbaker at Fri, 14 May 2010 19:15:05 +0000 in reply to jsid-1273854337-626

Thank you, but Steven's intellect is much broader than mine.

jsid-1273854496-456  DirtCrashr at Fri, 14 May 2010 16:28:16 +0000

Way to go and it's been great knowing you. I'm coming up on 6 years but at only a fraction of the word-count - which is why I feature pictures (x1000-words). ;-)

jsid-1273861383-77  Unix-Jedi at Fri, 14 May 2010 18:23:03 +0000

Maybe now you'll get a good comment system! :)

jsid-1273864461-705  khbaker at Fri, 14 May 2010 19:14:21 +0000 in reply to jsid-1273861383-77

Go ahead.  Rub it in.

jsid-1273865019-781  Bob K at Fri, 14 May 2010 19:23:39 +0000

I read you regularly... And hope to do so for another 7 years!

jsid-1273867310-306  SiGraybeard at Fri, 14 May 2010 20:01:51 +0000

In the last year, I went from "The Small What?" to coming here everyday - usually more than once.

Congratulations, Kevin!  Your blog is one of the bright spots on the net. I have already referred friends here many times.

jsid-1273868695-952  Mastiff at Fri, 14 May 2010 20:24:56 +0000

Many happy returns!

jsid-1273875960-550  Ambulance Driver at Fri, 14 May 2010 22:26:00 +0000

Happy blogiversary, Kevin. You're a daily read, and well worth the time.

jsid-1273880888-234  LabRat at Fri, 14 May 2010 23:48:08 +0000


And many more.

jsid-1273979121-265  Terry at Sun, 16 May 2010 03:05:21 +0000

Kevin, your posts are occasionally LONG, but well worth reading. Which I always do. You are on my daily blog must read list in position #2. The only reason for that order is I found Joe Huffman before I found you! 

Please keep up the very good work---it is appreciated!

jsid-1273982329-289  Chris Byrne at Sun, 16 May 2010 03:58:49 +0000

49? Nah that's more like 192. 

Happy anniversary man. 

jsid-1274059763-327  DJ at Mon, 17 May 2010 01:29:23 +0000

Keep it up.  We'll be here, every day.

jsid-1274061293-601  James at Mon, 17 May 2010 01:54:53 +0000


Thanks for giving us 7 years of worthwhile content on the webs. Hopefully you can keep doing what you've been doing for another 7. Given that a worthwhile commenting system becomes available, we'll keep commenting for the duration.

jsid-1274109232-1  Jeff Wood at Mon, 17 May 2010 15:13:52 +0000

Yes, many thanks from the right-hand side of the Pond.

One of Kim's last posts recommended you, so I followed, and stayed. Can't think of higher praise really.

jsid-1274197087-646  CAshane at Tue, 18 May 2010 15:38:07 +0000

Thank you for all you do.

jsid-1274205204-682  LookingForLissa at Tue, 18 May 2010 17:53:24 +0000

Cheers, and thank you!

jsid-1274314771-897  Bilgeman at Thu, 20 May 2010 00:19:31 +0000

Hey Kevin., Congratulations.

 I haven't been around as much as I used to, having found a target-rich environment of a moonbat hive-mind sweat-lodge to indulge my more vicious side upon,(with gusto), but add this to your list of compliments:

 If you saw Kevin Baker coming out of a toilet stall and putting a magic marker away in his pocket, it would be to your vast benefit to follow him inside to see what he might have scrawled on the wall there.

 The only other writer I've ever given that 'un out to was Theodore Dalrymple, (I'd also say that of P.J. O'Rourke, if he sobered up and got off his lazy ass and started writing again).

 So there y'are...

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