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jsid-1260332523-617484  Ken at Wed, 09 Dec 2009 04:22:03 +0000

Oh, yeah, there was a whole site devoted to it. Coke sponsored, among others.

You could send a message to Hopenhagen about what gives you hope, if you were so inclined.

I may hypothetically have sent a message to the effect that the events of 20 years ago in Timisoara and Bucharest give me hope. Maybe.

jsid-1260334663-617489  Phil B at Wed, 09 Dec 2009 04:57:43 +0000

Adolf Hitler never got upset (too much) with people who disagreed with him.

If someone said "I will not come over to your side"- he replied "Your child belongs to us already. A people live forever. What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, stand in the new camp. In a short time, they will know nothing else but this new community". (November 1933.

(Easiest place to find the quote is here

http://ftp.nizkor.org/hweb/imt/tgmwc/tgmwc-01/tgmwc-01-04-01.html )

So don't be TOO dismissive of the poster. Instead, research the curriculum being taught in the schools and colleges and see if Hitler had a point.

jsid-1260344133-617501  Britt at Wed, 09 Dec 2009 07:35:33 +0000

Lenin had a similar quote. That's really why I signed onto get my education "degree". You can't take someone who's had 12,960 hours of leftwing indoctrination and expect to convince them with even a multi-hour discussion.

Again, that's why school choice and the breaking of the public school system has to be a top priority. The school system is designed to turn out loyal socialist voters. That's what it is for. It certainly isn't turning out people who can think logically or are able to weigh evidence or consider the idea of trade offs or competing goods.

I was taught in 7th grade that the Constitution was a "living document" and was not to be taken literally. Not that judicial activism was a school of thought, I was taught that it was the school of thought, that all right thinking people allowed judges to tinker as they saw fit. Liberals would have you believe that conservatives are angry because there is some kind of debate going on in schools between strict constructionism and judicial activism, or affirmative action versus racial neutrality, or Keynesian economics versus a free market approach. This is a red herring. They are only teaching one side, only offering one explanation.

The greatest trick they ever pulled was the destruction of meaning in language. So a liberal teacher will get their kids to recite liberal dogma and then praise their "critical thinking skills". You can stop me when this starts sounding like a certain commenter we all know.

See this is why we must break the public school monopoly. Because the fact is, schools will teach kids a viewpoint, a set of values, a dogma of one kind or another. The way to do is to allow parents to pick their child's school and pay for it with their own money.

Yeah I'm just dreaming here, but it might happen. Someday.

jsid-1260369033-617508  BobG at Wed, 09 Dec 2009 14:30:33 +0000

"You can't make Socialists out of individualists - children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent."
-John Dewey, founder of the modern school system

jsid-1260369663-617511  Stuart_the_Viking at Wed, 09 Dec 2009 14:41:03 +0000

They are all set to socialize medicine and you think there is any chance that they are going to give up control of schools? With all due respect, did you bump your head somewhere?

Control of schools is one of big government's tools of power. If they can't control the current generation they can teach the next to do be good subjects.

I would love to see all schools privatized. After all,

"That government is best which governs least" Henry David Thoreau

but there isn't enough support for that idea, and even if there were I don't think it could be done short of starting a revelution. Face it, the so-called 3pers are considerably less than 1% of our population, and I'm not sure that even all of those are ready to start shooting.


jsid-1260370845-617515  Sarah at Wed, 09 Dec 2009 15:00:45 +0000

Ein volk, ein reich, ein klima.

jsid-1260370893-617516  Sarah at Wed, 09 Dec 2009 15:01:33 +0000

D'oh, that should be "klima."

(Fixed. - Ed.)

jsid-1260384517-617533  DirtCrashr at Wed, 09 Dec 2009 18:48:37 +0000


jsid-1260400232-617560  staghounds at Wed, 09 Dec 2009 23:10:32 +0000

It so happens I'm in Copenhagen right now. My favourite thing is the posters for "System Change, not Climate Change". They are all over on things like newspaper machines, from some fringe group. Calling for "Reparations for Climate Change", things like that.

They are fringe now, but in five or ten years these sort of things will be mainstream extortion demands.

jsid-1260453630-617597  Stuart_the_Viking at Thu, 10 Dec 2009 14:00:30 +0000

HOPEfully, the whole global warming argument will CHANGE in the next five to ten years to one where people are asking why the governments of the world are still pressing for regulations that equate to economic suicide on the word of a bunch of charlitans who can't even reproduce their own results (oh, and didn't "teh warmings" stop about 10 years ago anyway?).

Secretly, I didn't used to have too much problem with the environmentalist crowd because I would like to see less pollution and I would like to see our lakes, rivers, and streams cleaned up. But now they seem to have been distracted by the invisible booger man and are pressing for reduction of a gas that every living animal expells in vast quantitys and every living plant uses in vast quantitys. If you are worried about co2 PLANT A TREE!


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