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jsid-1255102512-613293  geekWithA.45 at Fri, 09 Oct 2009 15:35:12 +0000

The award is for the length of your essays, which stimulates the expenditure and subsequent replacement of printer cartridges.



jsid-1255103016-613296  Kevin Baker at Fri, 09 Oct 2009 15:43:36 +0000

That actually makes logical sense! :)

jsid-1255104135-613298  geekWithA.45 at Fri, 09 Oct 2009 16:02:15 +0000

>>That actually makes logical sense!

Dang. You're right. I apologize, and will strive to never do that again. ;)

jsid-1255107874-613309  ExurbanKevin at Fri, 09 Oct 2009 17:04:34 +0000

And it comes with a complimentary Nobel Peace Prize, too!

jsid-1255121870-613344  DirtCrashr at Fri, 09 Oct 2009 20:57:50 +0000

And the Heisman Trophy too!!

jsid-1255174092-613365  Ed "What the" Heckman at Sat, 10 Oct 2009 11:28:12 +0000

It also comes with a "Just Like Al", Al Gore Environmental Protection Prize.

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