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jsid-1216493624-594385  LabRat at Sat, 19 Jul 2008 18:53:44 +0000

Or, here's a thought: Antarctic sea ice is currently at record levels, and the melt that normally frees up safer, more-inland feeding grounds for young penguins is 40% below normal this year.

But, nah. Must be those... warm seas. With tons of extra ice. That are causing cyclones.


jsid-1216520597-594393  RedneckInNY at Sun, 20 Jul 2008 02:23:17 +0000

Perhaps the oceans haven't gotten much warmer is because the polar ice caps are melting to keep the ocean temperature constant, in much the same way that ice cubes in your drink continually melt to provide that ice cold temperature until all the ice melts and the drink slowly warms up to match the ambient air temperature. Also, I read somewhere that the clear-cutting of the Amazon rain forest is creating this climate change. If we lose the rain forests, can it be far behind that the Amazon will become another desert wasteland?

jsid-1216533713-594397  Mastiff at Sun, 20 Jul 2008 06:01:53 +0000

I shudder to think of what those poor penguins in the Galapagos must have been going through, over the past several million years or so.

(Yes, I know that this biologist's argument is different, but it's still fun.)

jsid-1216580118-594404  LabRat at Sun, 20 Jul 2008 18:55:18 +0000

Redneck- The polar ice caps aren't melting all that fast, and in some areas they're expanding. There's been some lively melting of Arctic sea ice in the last few years, but Antarctic sea ice has been expanding- record low up north last year (which is recovering some now), record highs down south this year. A question to keep firmly in mind is "what is normal"- with only reliable measurements in the last few decades, we don't actually have a good answer to that question.

The Amazon rainforest is indeed suffering, and it can have an affect on climate, but guess what it- and other rainforest around the planet- is currently being cut down for? Fucking ethanol corn- "green" biofuels.

This is why being a conservationist makes me want to start drinking before noon.

jsid-1216608401-594419  RedneckInNY at Mon, 21 Jul 2008 02:46:41 +0000

LabRat, I hear ya. The world's population is starving because the farmers are selling their crops to ethanol processing plants rather than feeding the people. This is all Al Gore The Alarmist's fault and he should be held accountable for all the stuff that's been happening to the people around the world. Makes you wonder how he got to be so...rotund.

jsid-1216608863-594421  Kevin Baker at Mon, 21 Jul 2008 02:54:23 +0000

Well, Algore rides around in SUV's and probably keeps the temperature in his palatial home at 72°year-round, too.

jsid-1216845548-594499  JimiBertrand at Wed, 23 Jul 2008 20:39:08 +0000

Yo Kevin,
Global Warming ...
Quotes from An Idiot Stuck on Stupid. (Guess Who)

“Since the first oil crisis back in the early ‘70s, we’ve been told that if we simply go for more oil, gasoline prices will come down. We need to break free of this old pattern that’s holding us back and develop the renewable sources that can bring about the equivalent of a dollar a gallon gasoline.” —Al Gore

“It is only a truly dysfunctional system that would buy into the perverse logic that the short-term answer to high gasoline prices is drilling for more oil 10 years from now.” —Al Gore

As my dear father (A Fellow of both ASME & ASChE) said, "He is a complete and utter fraud."
A perfect description of ALGORE.

Offtopic ... There is another 'Nite Shoot' held at TRC on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Bill_O is running it until Larry recovers from back surgery. Set up at 1400 with shots down range by 1500. Start with rifles usually. Pistol, SG and Subgun scenarios later.

(And I am embarrassed to say I haven't been to a NS yet this year. And the Uzi's needs exercise, September perhaps.)

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