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jsid-1195076913-583670  DirtCrashr at Wed, 14 Nov 2007 21:48:33 +0000

Any case against Sai Baba is probably a worthy one! ;-)
That being said and digressing tremendously with a vignette: We went into a little shop north of Hilo on the Big Island and there was the usual selection of Hawaiian souvenirs, but also the oddest and obviously personal collection of Hot-Wheels toy cars and Star Wars figurines - and other material from childhood for sale by the weedy, mid-thirties, bearded hippie owner/manager of the store. And against it all on every wall and ceiling was pinned a backdrop of faded old posters of ALL the Guru-types, from Sai Baba to the the Rajneesh guy in Oregon with the Rolls-Royces who tried to kill people and had sex with his acolytes - EACH among them I recognized as having done time in a State or Federal Prison. These were the owner/manager's belief-system heroes - it was just tremendously weird. He was batting a thousand on incarcerations...

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