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jsid-1195484901-583891  DJ at Mon, 19 Nov 2007 15:08:21 +0000

"Some understand easily. Some will never understand."

And the saddest part is that not understanding has never stood in the way of complaining.

jsid-1195509099-583917  Jerry at Mon, 19 Nov 2007 21:51:39 +0000

I see many pointing fingers, assigning blame, alleging others are the ones who caused the problem.

None of us were alive when the original cause happened. Now we act as though ours is the only possible hope for future peace.

The U.S. was attacked (?) more than just the twin towers on Sept 11, 2001. The U.S. did negotiate.

Finally (?) Congress approved/authorized the U.S. to attack the "source" of the terrorist activity. Since then the U.S. has attempted to assist a nation with no leader to develop a governing body. The "terrorist" don't like it.

History paints a pretty bleak picture of nations who do not stand against tyrants of any definition, who give the government complete control, and those who believe the government can care for all citizens.

I am thankful for the blogosphere. Much comes to light from this resource. Too often there are those who believe theirs is the only way to peace. We lost Viet Nam, we shouldn't have. Once we declare war, once we enter the fight, we should fight until we have victory. The result of loss would be battle on our own land, loss of our own lives, loss of our constitution and American way.

jsid-1195522183-583940  JPatterson at Tue, 20 Nov 2007 01:29:43 +0000

Thanks, Kevin. These reminders are much needed as we approach the next cycle of elections. It was uplifting to be reminded of what I believe in, put so eloquently.

jsid-1195537272-583957  Rob at Tue, 20 Nov 2007 05:41:12 +0000

I found Sarah's Comments at the bottom of the second linked page to be very telling.

The focus of our anger must ever be the enemy.

At the same time, it is correct to point out that propaganda is exactly that. It is not truth. The "truthers" have a great deal of explaining to do. I think that Kevin's pointing out of all the evil actions done by Cheney and his Sock Puppet Bush (NOT!) was a master stroke.

The difference is that most of the time, the Right will disavow, avoid and call to account the loonies in its midst - The Phelps Phamily comes to mind - while the Left, by and large, instead of turning away from their loonies, they provide a platform and polite applause.

jsid-1195583393-583986  Mastiff at Tue, 20 Nov 2007 18:29:53 +0000

Check Instapundit, we got cert!!

jsid-1195616797-584021  Drew458 at Wed, 21 Nov 2007 03:46:37 +0000

Help me out here. I've listened to YEARS of nonstop rabid opposition to Bush and any action on the WoT. "No evidence". "Mr. President, why are we RUSHING to war?" "Bush lied people died". Anything uttered by Murtha, Kennedy, Kerry, or Pelosi. I've listened to solid YEARS of total defeatism from evey TV news channel, every newspaper, and every news magazine, every day, every issue, without letup even once.

And yet somehow we seem to be winning.

But it's ME, and people who believe in the cause, that "has completely clouded their judgement to the point of insane irrationality" and is "wasting their time on a phantom enemy"? Hello, you are all a bunch of traitors who ought to be shot. How can I possibly think any other way?

[this next paragraph, a bloodthirsty rant against the left, redacted so as to not upset the children]

I've taken the time to try to understand the other side. And what I understand is that they are snot nosed smarmy little stuck up pissant self centered cowards. I've also come to realize that projection is absolutely central to the leftist mindset. Whatever they are they blame others for.

Are both sides in this country so far apart that civil war will result? I do not care. Bring it on; I'm well armed and well stocked. I am not moving any further to the left in my positions. I've met people at least halfway. It's them that are in the wrong and its high time they figured it out.

jsid-1195669795-584036  Drew458 at Wed, 21 Nov 2007 18:29:55 +0000

Sorry about that. Sometimes i just run out of patience. That article just drove me around the bend.

jsid-1195684300-584042  Markadelphia at Wed, 21 Nov 2007 22:31:40 +0000

Thanks for proving my point, Drew.

And here is a post from blog which might illuminate you...or not..

"i happen to think (the tiny minority but hugely influential) US ideological extremists (secular and political) are possibly THE most dangerous type on earth (the A-team of heightened alert) and greatest threat to homeland security, not to mention global, in perpetuating policies that actively search out or create new enemies and fault lines of confrontation ('creative chaos') in parts of the world that have already been ravaged by our foreign policies and other extremists, when the key to security at home & beyond is dialogue, powerful pro-active diplomacy and genuine democracy protection or promotion. None of which have been pursued on the international scene or encouraged, beyond hypocritical rhetoric and utterly opposing actions."


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