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jsid-1187620784-578595  Markadelphia at Mon, 20 Aug 2007 14:39:44 +0000

Kevin, this article is flat out completely full of shit. I read about good news from Iraq all the time in the New York Times. I hear about it from the three people I know who are currently stationed there. I also hear about the rotten things that have happened there, also from people I know in Iraq. This line of thought is just another example of supporters of this war looking to blame someone else for their own mistakes, the biggest of which was going there in the first place—a belief held, btw, by all three soldiers that I know that have been in Iraq for three years and counting.

These three and the two soldiers that I know that have come home all say that we-as in the Bush Administration-by going into Iraq and mismanaging it in every conceivable possible way, have made Iran stronger.

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