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jsid-1172714318-551712  DirtCrashr at Thu, 01 Mar 2007 01:58:38 +0000

Nice work and thank you, but from here it looks like trying to officiate at the Special Olympics - and they indeed feel and are full of their *specialness.*

jsid-1172717376-551719  Firehand at Thu, 01 Mar 2007 02:49:36 +0000

He's a keeper, all right. A fine display item of the GFW/Gun Grabber at his finest.

Er, most tarnished?

jsid-1172729516-551727  Joe Huffman at Thu, 01 Mar 2007 06:11:56 +0000

It's useless attempting to give them facts. Facts are irrelevant to bigots.

I admire your persistence. I hope it's doing some good. I'm fairly certain my time is better spent working on the lawsuit and promoting Boomershoot to the public.

jsid-1172766445-551740  Greybeard at Thu, 01 Mar 2007 16:27:25 +0000

Agree will all the above, I wish I had your persistence, and eloquence.
Though "Dirtcrashr's" comparison to
"Special Olympics" was surely a slight on the Special Olympics people.

jsid-1172767200-551742  Stephen Rider at Thu, 01 Mar 2007 16:40:00 +0000

In retrospect, it's a bit harsh. At best I would categorize him as a perfect example of the term "useful idiot".

That is, in the later comments he freely acknowledges his ignorance of the guns in question and seems to have learned a bit.

jsid-1172767571-551743  CAshane at Thu, 01 Mar 2007 16:46:11 +0000

The guy is a model of contradiction. I don't think it's too off base to call him ignorant, but I think it comes from laziness.
In his Mar. 1, 3:34PM post, answering your question how he feels about being used by the media he says, "I’ve often ranted on this blog that people need to do the research themselves when it comes to what’s true and what’s not, rather than being mindless zombies soaking up what we are fed." Then goes on to say, "I’m sure I’ll learn later that my understanding of another topic I have not researched will have been colored inappropriately by the media." When one post earlier he says, "There are quite a few topics in which I am not well-versed, but upon which I have still formed an opinion. I’m quite free to write about them regardless of how little I may know."

I read this and come away shaking my head...

Isn't it the Swiss that issue full-auto M-16's to all citizens for their militia? I imagine if Aldacron knew this his head would explode.

jsid-1172775478-551760  Robert P at Thu, 01 Mar 2007 18:57:58 +0000

I just read his post and the comments, and am actually impressed; when confronted with people who actually know what they are talking about, he accepts his newly-found ignorance on the matter and admits he needs to do some reading and research. What more can one ask from someone who started out in such an adversarial stance - especially over the internet? He's definitely not a hopeless moonbat and thanks to Kevin, Aldacron (and his readers) will probably come out of this with a better understanding of "the other side". Well done.

jsid-1172777471-551761  Sarah at Thu, 01 Mar 2007 19:31:11 +0000

Yes, congrats, Kevin. Looks like you're actually making some headway with this guy.

jsid-1172778807-551763  DirtCrashr at Thu, 01 Mar 2007 19:53:27 +0000

I didn't mean to slight happy, gentle, and never angry tykes who compete in their own special venue!
The near complete lack of humility and the overarching vanity of the one who singularly calls himself a "bright" strikes me as concieted beyond measure, and reflective of those educated and brought up singing, "I am special, I am special. Look at me."

jsid-1172783590-551776  -B at Thu, 01 Mar 2007 21:13:10 +0000

CAshane, et al.,

"Isn't it the Swiss that issue full-auto M-16's to all citizens for their militia? I imagine if Aldacron knew this his head would explode."

As it so happens, my wife is from a small town in southern Germany. While on a vacation to see her family in November of '05, we took a train to Zurich to visit an old friend of her's. On our return leg of the trip, at the main station we saw at least a half-dozen citizen soldiers boarding the exact same trains as the civilians, complete with their issue (full auto)H&K G36, with loaded magazine inserted, strapped across their chests and what I'm guessing was about 100 lbs. of extra gear across the back. Right out there, in plain view for everyone to see. Not ONE native seem shocked by this. I should have taken a picture of it, but I was just in such a state of awe that the moment got away from me.

We travel over there on a fairly regular basis, and I have made a note to myself to grab a picture of this when we're over that way again.

jsid-1172788778-551781  The Other Mike S at Thu, 01 Mar 2007 22:39:38 +0000

Wow. Well done.

jsid-1172804445-551801  -B at Fri, 02 Mar 2007 03:00:45 +0000

And now that I read my own post several hours later, I realize that I am a complete schmuck.

The Krauts use the HK G36, and the Swiss use the Sig 550. Mea culpa.

It was still cool to see it.

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