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jsid-1172505075-551562  geekWithA.45 at Mon, 26 Feb 2007 15:51:15 +0000

Isn't it pathetic when they have to resort to trivial entertainment trophies for validation?

jsid-1172522587-551578  Robb Allen at Mon, 26 Feb 2007 20:43:07 +0000

What bothers me is that it appears to be physically accurate.

I sent this around. The best response?
You may me laugh up a pickle…"

jsid-1172528867-551585  crotalus at Mon, 26 Feb 2007 22:27:47 +0000

In other news today, it was discovered that Algore is a new species of sea anemone, as he regurgitates his digestive wastes back out of his mouth, in the same manner as other sea anemones.

jsid-1172539696-551598  Bruce at Tue, 27 Feb 2007 01:28:16 +0000

That's nasty, man.

jsid-1172542686-551599  Bob at Tue, 27 Feb 2007 02:18:06 +0000

I always suspected Algore of being full of it.

jsid-1172550714-551603  Billy Budd at Tue, 27 Feb 2007 04:31:54 +0000

I did not watch the oscars, never have and never will. Just one big mutual masturbation society. The fact that Algore has been elevated to celebrity statis demonstrates how far they have fallen.

jsid-1172618859-551637  mike at Tue, 27 Feb 2007 23:27:39 +0000

Its disgusting, but I love it.

jsid-1172627816-551645  Oz at Wed, 28 Feb 2007 01:56:56 +0000

One of the commentators during the event tried his best to convey surprise at how the Oscars turned out. I say tried because it was obvious to me that anything connected to Algore's movie or one of the Mexican directors stood a great chance of winning.

jsid-1172639165-551657  progunprogressive.com at Wed, 28 Feb 2007 05:06:05 +0000

Eh, Al's not running for anything (yet). It just seems like low hanging fruit picking on him.

FWIW, according to the actual climatologists over at realclimate.org (you know...people who study that stuff for a living and actually know what they're talking about), Al got the science right for the most part, minus a tweak here and there.

Not that that matters if your agenda includes making pieces of poop come out of his mouth.

jsid-1172663963-551664  jimmyb at Wed, 28 Feb 2007 11:59:23 +0000


jsid-1172676088-551675  dave at Wed, 28 Feb 2007 15:21:28 +0000

Disturbingly realistic...

jsid-1172684472-551681  Kevin Baker at Wed, 28 Feb 2007 17:41:12 +0000

"Not that that matters if your agenda includes making pieces of poop come out of his mouth."

Oxed your particular Gore?

jsid-1172770627-551755  DirtCrashr at Thu, 01 Mar 2007 17:37:07 +0000

I had to link to the .gif because it's truly grosstacular. I can host it myself if you prefer, let me know.

jsid-1172883390-551835  Doug Ross at Sat, 03 Mar 2007 00:56:30 +0000

Okay, I've got to ask. Can I borrow that image for my blog? Full credit will be provided, along with a generous percentage of my blog's revenue.

jsid-1172898070-551842  Kevin Baker at Sat, 03 Mar 2007 05:01:10 +0000

Borrow all you want, but please host it yourself!

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