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jsid-1169512135-549866  Fodder at Tue, 23 Jan 2007 00:28:55 +0000

A friend of mines buddy worked at IBM. He brought an IBM M1 or Garand, I don't remember which, into work one day. IBM management was not pleased, to say the least.

He innocently asked "What's the problem (pointing to the mfg. stamp) it's a company product."

Wish I'd been there for that.

jsid-1169522104-549875  Bob at Tue, 23 Jan 2007 03:15:04 +0000

Order mine a day after you, received them a day after you; looks like Ky Imports is pretty consistent on getting stuff out the door.

3 - Autorye (AI)
2 - International Silver (IS)
1 - Seymour Smith (SS)
1 - Union Hardware (U)
1 - Winchester (BW)
1 - National Postal Meter (MN)
1 - ?? (C-B with upside down T in the C with the cross bar of the T in the middle of the C)

Quite a bit of variation in the details of each depending on manufacturer.

No rust at all; small amount of cosmoline on all of them. Look like just what they said they were: unissued original magazines.

Now I just have to get something to use them in :-).

jsid-1170012196-550181  Heartless Libertarian at Sun, 28 Jan 2007 19:23:16 +0000

I got mine from Cole Dist. this week. Not sure of the exact day-the (small) box was left on the porch, by the front door. And my family comes and goes almost exclusively through the garage, so we didn't notice it.

I got the 'used' ones, but aside from a few scratches, I'm hard pressed to describe them as used. Not even the usual edge wear you'd expect from being carried around in mag pouches. And all coated in a thin layer of packing grease. Oh, and all were blued.

Only marking I recognize from your list is International Silver (IS).

jsid-1191161841-581437  emdfl at Sun, 30 Sep 2007 14:17:21 +0000

I've got a friend looking for some. How much do you want for them?

jsid-1191178964-581448  Kevin Baker at Sun, 30 Sep 2007 19:02:44 +0000

Not for sale! The IBM's go on sale from the CMP NEXT October! (I need to take a remedial calendar-reading class.)

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