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jsid-1160615806-532813  Bruce at Thu, 12 Oct 2006 01:16:46 +0000

You left out the part where...

Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick immediately files a federal lawsuit over this egregious violation of the man's constitutional right to terrorize, rob, and stab innocent people in their own home.

Dianne Feinstein expresses her outrage that a woman was allowed to CHOOSE not to be stabbed to death.

Ted Kennedy issues a statement condemning the actions taken by the woman's son, saying the child should have put the evil gun down on the ground and allowed himself to be killed along with his mother...for the good of children everywhere.

Chuck Schumer appears on 'Meet the Press' to publicly reprimand the boy for "escalating the cycle of violence".

Rosie O'Donnell shits her pants upon hearing the tragic news that a lowly commoner's life, and that of her child, was saved by the legal use of a privately owned handgun. Then, immediately gets on the phone to the head of her children's armed bodyguard detail to make sure they're OK.

Massachusetts State Senator Jarrett Barrios reassures the people in his district that he'll sleep soundly tonight, knowing that if a similar situation were to play out in his hometown of Cambridge, the woman and her son would likely be brutally slaughtered, but at least they'd die on their knees as good, obedient liberal subjects Democrats.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Mayor Bloomberg of New York hear about this "tragedy" and seize the opportunity to launch knife buyback programs in their cities. The website www.mayorsagainstillegalknives.org is born.

jsid-1160626407-532829  Eric Sivula Jr. at Thu, 12 Oct 2006 04:13:27 +0000

Mr. Baker, the poll now has over a thousand votes on it, and yes is up to around 65%.

I just hope that the last action of that scumbag does not leave the brave teenager with issues about defending his family or himself in the future.

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