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jsid-1154086865-519995  Thibodeaux at Fri, 28 Jul 2006 11:41:05 +0000

I was going to say that reading your site in Red China sounds like a good way to wind up in prison.

Which means you're doing something right :)

jsid-1154098621-520021  DJ at Fri, 28 Jul 2006 14:57:01 +0000

The search words of "crave coeur post office" caught my eye. Perhaps he meant "Creve Coeur Post Office"?

Creve Coeur is one of a great many municipalities in the St. Louis area, where I lived for way too many years. Why would he be searching for a Post Office there?

jsid-1154101607-520029  FabioC. at Fri, 28 Jul 2006 15:46:47 +0000

From my personal experience, sometimes I remember only some keywords about info I want to retrieve, and thus end up using weird search strings.

I always hope in a viral spreading of the ideas of liberty around the world (we need more of that in Europe too), but it seems to be a hard struggle - especially among Arabs/Muslims.

The Chinese I've known adapt pretty rapidly instead.

jsid-1154177807-520114  fdm at Sat, 29 Jul 2006 12:56:47 +0000

"Nice to know that TSM has a small, but international audience."

Small? With 600,000+ visitors?

I haven't made 600 yet, and I always thought the English were the masters of the understatement.

jsid-1154187220-520123  Kevin Baker at Sat, 29 Jul 2006 15:33:40 +0000

It's not 600,000+ visitors. It's the same 3-400 over and over and over again, with a couple hundred-thousand once-only's.

A repeat audience of 3-400 isn't exactly Newsweak's circulation.

jsid-1154208865-520144  fdm at Sat, 29 Jul 2006 21:34:25 +0000

That's a fair point, but 3-4000 repeat visitors is still very good.

It might not be amongst the top ranking sites by numbers (but I really don't know), but I find your writing and argument to be excellent quality. I think though that in general (and it's a pity) the average reader isn't too bothered about such writing.

Also remember you are writing on your own and writing part-time and whilst this doesn't detract from the quality, it does mean you might not offer a range of differing articles in a day to attract different types of reader.

Anyway I still think it's good going.

jsid-1154211718-520147  Bilgeman at Sat, 29 Jul 2006 22:21:58 +0000

Small Minor;

Hey, maybe you should get a translator so you can give the homeys in China a "shout out!" in their native tongue.


jsid-1154217113-520151  Arni at Sat, 29 Jul 2006 23:51:53 +0000

Considering how badly translation engines handle closely related languages, I'm guessing that all you did was confusing the poor fellow :)

Regards from Iceland, where reading TSM is still legal...

jsid-1154218194-520152  Kevin Baker at Sun, 30 Jul 2006 00:09:54 +0000

Greetings to Iceland, where I'm really glad you grok English and don't have to depend on Babelfish!

jsid-1154446520-520316  Chris at Tue, 01 Aug 2006 15:35:20 +0000

I travel to China often, and that's kind of interesting, since the entire Blogspot domain is banned in China. I wonder how he did that?

jsid-1154462755-520349  Kevin Baker at Tue, 01 Aug 2006 20:05:55 +0000

Apparently if it's translated by Google, it doesn't count as a Blogspot hit, best I can figure.

jsid-1154789529-520790  Chris at Sat, 05 Aug 2006 14:52:09 +0000

I wonder if that shows a chink in the armor. After all, they have that special Google over there now, so if the special Google can even return a hit on a banned domain (also owned by Google)there's something not right.

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