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jsid-1152875777-516611  FabioC. at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 11:16:17 +0000

Jeez... I'm quite a beginner regarding firearms, but this piece oozes idiocy. And drug dealers buying a gun for its accuracy? Please.

Now someone in Italy opened fire from hiding on a crowd (with a rifle/carbine, I think, but the reports are vague): injured five people and ran away. I only expect the next attempt to restrict even more gun ownership - and with commies and environuts in the government, it can happen.

jsid-1152882093-516621  -B at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 13:01:33 +0000

Yellow journalism. Plain and simple.

Somebody went fishing and manufactured those lines. When the GFW cop said, "Yes, all of the above," it took all of five minutes for that story to hit his editor's desk.


Moral decay, Rome, you know the rest.

jsid-1152883356-516625  Bilgeman at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 13:22:36 +0000

Small Minor;

I'm originally from N'awlins, even more than in most metro areas,(and with even more reason), the NOPD is held in minimum esteem.

Even City Hall feels so:


Gee, LAPD, SDPD, and the CHiPs were offering 25k as starting pay when they tried to recruit yours truly...back in 1987!

And contemplating on the likely "work environment" of the LA Detention Center on a Friday and Saturday night, I told those good folks to take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

25 grand a year to spend "quality time" in the Desire and Algiers Projects?

Who would sign up for THAT?

As the wise man spake:

"Consider the source."


jsid-1152885982-516631  BobG at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 14:06:22 +0000

I get really tired of hearing what a powerful rifle the AK is; hell that round doesn't have the power of a 30-30, and I never heard of one of them being described like in that article. The police officeer is either a total idiot, or unashamedly pandering to the anti-gun crowd. Either way, he's a disgrace to his uniform and his profession.

jsid-1152886017-516633  BobG at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 14:06:57 +0000

Excuse the typos, haven't had my coffee yet...

jsid-1152886506-516636  FabioC. at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 14:15:06 +0000

Show that journalist (and the cop too) a .416 Rigby...

jsid-1152886521-516637  Bruce at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 14:15:21 +0000


Just wow.

jsid-1152887980-516642  Rustmeister at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 14:39:40 +0000

I have to ask (and I will), how can an SKS punch through an engine block and bone while running along bone to exit the targets toe?

jsid-1152889480-516646  Sarah at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 15:04:40 +0000

I have a Yugo SKS, and the only advantages it has for criminal scum are that it can take a lot of abuse and neglect before it conks out, and that it will reliably fire the cheapest, crummiest ammo. Gotta say, though, I'm really surprised the article didn't mention the evil bayonet lug and grenade-launching capabilities of the SKS.

Now, all of this is quite silly, hyping up the evil-scary factor of "assault" weapons that have no more capability than grandpa's old hunting rifle. But think about this, Kevin. The anti-gunners start with something that's relatively easy to deceive the public about -- scary looking military-style "assault" weapons that they claim no civilian needs -- with the hope of reviving the AWB. If that ever happens, then sometime later the anti-gunners start another hysterical campaign based on the fact that all of those innocent-looking hunting rifles are just as powerful -- if not more powerful -- than illegal assault weapons. Logically, they must be banned, as well!

Am I just being paranoid here, or is the stupidity of the anti-gun lobby perhaps a smoke-screen?

jsid-1152889618-516647  Ravenwood at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 15:06:58 +0000

The problem for the media is that the SKS doesn't fit the "assault weapon" mold. It has a fixed magazine and no pistol grip. Outside of the bayonet and using the same commie ammo as the AK, what more is there to demonize. It's price. I guess the media would feel better if drug dealers ran out and bought a $2000 Springfield M-1A that was accurate to almost 1000 yards. (Or "4-miles" like the .50 BMG)

What's funny is how they play both sides. Usually they're crying about inaccurate spray-fire from the hip guns.

BTW, I have two SKSs, and can hit a paper plate size target at 100 yards about 9 out of 10 times with careful aimed shots.

jsid-1152893031-516657  Bilgeman at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 16:03:51 +0000


"The problem for the media is that the SKS doesn't fit the "assault weapon" mold. It has a fixed magazine and no pistol grip. Outside of the bayonet and using the same commie ammo as the AK, what more is there to demonize."

Oh, man!

That's no problem whatsoever for the media.

It's aweapon...it's a gun...it goes BANG!...it shoots bullets.

F'Chrissakes, you could spray-paint it bright pink and put smiley-face and cartoon fuckin' bunny stickers all over it, and they'd STILL find a way to make it EEEEEEEEEEVIL!

Please, stop attributing reason to these people...they ain't rational, dude.


jsid-1152899163-516679  Joe Huffman at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 17:46:03 +0000

Nit picking time...

Kevin, in my tests at 50 yards black tip 30.06 went completely through a 50's era six-cylinder engine block 50% of the time.

I welcome these bigoted stories (I dealt with a similar SKS story a while back). It's so easy to make them look like the fools they are. And more importantly it shows they are "shooting blanks" in regards to having a real case against the 2nd Amendment.

Just keep making fools of them. Letters to the editor help so don't just preach to the choir. Let's drive these bigots into political extinction.

jsid-1152900470-516686  bud at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 18:07:50 +0000

The NOPD has been (in)famous for corruption for years. Maybe this is an attempt to distract from that reputation by emphasising their complete incompentence!

jsid-1152905729-516692  Strider at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 19:35:29 +0000

My question is, just WHO are all these people running around who have it out for poor defenseless engine blocks???

Man, every time I hear an anti-gun rant, it's all about shooting engine blocks.

(Cue Steve Martin yelling "He hates cans!!!")

jsid-1152907952-516695  Kevin Baker at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 20:12:32 +0000


I bow to your superior knowledge, but when I think "engine block" in my mind's eye I see a small-block Chevy V8, not a straight-six or an aluminum rice-burner four.

Could be just me.

jsid-1152913589-516701  Joe Huffman at Fri, 14 Jul 2006 21:46:29 +0000

Like I said, I was nit-picking. Those same tests showed a 7.62x39, steel core bullet didn't even penetrate the first cylinder wall. It did deform it enough that it would have stopped the engine (or broke a rod and leave you with a five-cylinder engine) however.

Regardless, these guys are ignorant bigots. We should welcome the opportunity to slap them around in public.

jsid-1152922763-516714  Cowboy Blob at Sat, 15 Jul 2006 00:19:23 +0000

Damn, now I'm going to have to go buy a Yugo SKS, aren't I? And I don't even particularly like them.

But you love SKSs!


jsid-1152928740-516718  Tom OQuinn at Sat, 15 Jul 2006 01:59:00 +0000

Are you a Democrat, Republican or
Southerner or a southern Republican.

Here is a little test that will help you decide.
The answer can be found by posing the following question:
You're walking down a deserted street with your wife
and two small children.
Suddenly, an Islamic Terrorist with a huge knife
comes around the corner, locks eyes with you,
screams obscenities, praises Allah, raises the
knife, and charges at you. You are carrying a Glock
cal 40, and you are an expert shot. You have mere
seconds before he reaches you and your family. What
do you do?


Democrat's Answer:

Well, that's not enough information to answer the question!
Does the man look poor or oppressed?
Have I ever done anything to him that would inspire
him to attack?
Could we run away?
What does my wife think?
What about the kids?
Could I possibly swing the gun like a club and knock
the knife out of his hand? What does the law say
about this situation?
Does the Glock have appropriate safety built into it?

Why am I carrying a loaded gun anyway, and what kind
of message does this send to society and to my children?
Is it possible he'd be happy with just killing me?
Does he definitely want to kill me, or would he be
content just to wound me?
If I were to grab his knees and hold on, could my
family get away while he was stabbing me?
Should I call 9-1-1?
Why is this street so deserted?
We need to raise taxes, have paint and weed day and
make this happier, healthier street that would
discourage such behavior.
This is all so confusing! I need to debate this with
so me friends for few days and try to come to a consensus.

Republican's Answer:


Southerner's Answer:

BANG! Click..... (Sounds of reloading)
BANG! Click
Daughter: "Nice grouping, Daddy! Were those the
Winchester Silver Tips or Hollow Points?"

Son: "Can I shoot the next one!"

Wife: "You ain't taking that to the Taxidermist!"

They forgot the Southern Republican,
He (or she) knows those cowards travel in packs, and doesn't waste ammo. A Glock .40 holds from 9 to 17 rounds depending on the model, plus one in the chamber and, no one carries a cup half full. He also is conversant with the Marine Gunfight Rules, anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. He will have taught his daughter that Silvertips (and there is only one Silvertip) are Hollow points. He will likely have weapons to arm the children, can't have too many backups. He will remember the words that go with "shoot" are "move and communicate". He will be covering while the family moves laterally to a place of safety and the second in command,,, uh, wife calls for reinforcements,,, uh,,,uh,,dials 911.

jsid-1152930410-516719  Mr. Completely at Sat, 15 Jul 2006 02:26:50 +0000

I hate to let the truth be known, but ths steel in an SKS contains iron and carbon, both of which are EXACTLY the same kind as might possibly be used in the manufacture of intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads.

....Mr. C.

jsid-1152941769-516728  Morenuancedthanyou at Sat, 15 Jul 2006 05:36:09 +0000

Ah yes, yet another statement of yours that I agree with. I need a .50!

jsid-1152973467-516751  DJ at Sat, 15 Jul 2006 14:24:27 +0000

Most of the Senate voted properly last Thursday. The vote was on Senate amendment 4615 to H.R. 5441. The statement of purpose was:

To prohibit the confiscation of a firearm during an emergency or major disaster if the possession of such firearm is not prohibited under Federal or State law.

You can see the voting results at http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=109&session=2&vote=00202 You can read about it at http://today.reuters.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?type=domesticNews&storyID=2006-07-14T001031Z_01_N13424134_RTRUKOC_0_US-CONGRESS-GUNS.xml&archived=False and at http://massbackwards.blogspot.com/2006/07/sixteen-counts-of-treason.html

Note who voted "no":

Akaka (D-HI)
Boxer (D-CA)
Clinton (D-NY)
Dodd (D-CT)
Durbin (D-IL)
Feinstein (D-CA)
Harkin (D-IA)
Inouye (D-HI)
Kennedy (D-MA)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Levin (D-MI)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Reed (D-RI)
Sarbanes (D-MD)
Schumer (D-NY)

That vote is an unequivocal statement by Senator Clinton. Remember it when the 2008 Presidential campaign is in full swing.

jsid-1153093156-516846  Dan at Sun, 16 Jul 2006 23:39:16 +0000

Forget the engine blocks - there's something dumber in this article.

I want to see the day when a gang of drug dealers tries to repel a police raid with bayonets.

jsid-1153114098-516863  Bilgeman at Mon, 17 Jul 2006 05:28:18 +0000

Small Minor;

Just caught the History Channel show:
"The Return of Piracy", which did a pretty good job of cataloging, for land lubbers, what we face.

The show had a handful of nincompoops, none of whom, I'll wager have more than 5 years of seatime, piously intoning that honest seafarers should NOT be allowed to carry firearms with which to defend their ships and their lives.

Brother Dan wants to see bayonets used to repel a police raid.

He should sign on a merchant ship, preferably a low n' slow laden tanker transiting Malacca, he could then see something even more insane...fire hoses against AK-47s.

It happens, I've stood those watches.

Another reason NOT to embark on a maritime career.

Some faggot lawyer behind a desk in London decides that you're too stupid and untrustworthy to bear arms at sea to defend yourself with.


jsid-1153161637-517653  Otter at Mon, 17 Jul 2006 18:40:37 +0000

I don't know guys... I once was shot THROUGH an engine block. The powerful round went through solid steel and hit my right index finger. The bullet then followed my bones until it came out my left index finger. It could happen to you too!

Got to outlaw these things.


jsid-1153163105-517658  FabioC. at Mon, 17 Jul 2006 19:05:05 +0000


A couple of old good M2s and one of Bofors 40mm would be nice to have onboard when sailing in dangerous waters.

jsid-1153192985-517706  Bilgeman at Tue, 18 Jul 2006 03:23:05 +0000


"A couple of old good M2s and one of Bofors 40mm would be nice to have onboard when sailing in dangerous waters."

Hell, I'd settle for a Ruger .22 and blackening the ship...ain't no bugger in flip-flops going to outflank me on my own steel.

Instead I get a charged firehose and high pressure sodium floodlights in the 400-1000 watt range so the little people have a good sight picture.

S'okay, though, 3-phase 440volt ac is my bread and butter, so with a little prep time and a modest amount of labor and materials, the Bilgeman can rig up some VERY nasty surprises...think: man-sized bugzapper

The company can bill me for the wiring and the breakers I jump out.


jsid-1153335437-517874  pierre at Wed, 19 Jul 2006 18:57:17 +0000

Evil Assault weapons..leaped into the poor drug dealers hands and started firing all on its own. The highly inaccurate automatic aiming system took away all decisions from the poor hapless drug dealer.

hehe..pitiful. But then nothing is too pitiful for the NOPD. Grew up there and the amount of corruption was/is astounding.

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