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jsid-1150182562-506614  Tex at Tue, 13 Jun 2006 07:09:22 +0000

Please do. I have used your blog for arguments, as I really enjoy it. As I can debate anyone on any topic, using "accepted" resources, that says a lot. About you.

jsid-1150199670-506634  Mike Y at Tue, 13 Jun 2006 11:54:30 +0000

Take all the time you need. Your writings are worth the wait.

jsid-1150206052-506644  -B at Tue, 13 Jun 2006 13:40:52 +0000

Mr. Baker,

The thanks goes to you sir, for the excellent arguments you have made over the years. Take all the time you need for the next essay, I'm sure it will be of uniform quality with previous postings.

I'll keep checking back, waiting around for the free ice cream. ;)

jsid-1150207195-506648  DJ at Tue, 13 Jun 2006 13:59:55 +0000

I've said it before and I'll say, er, I mean write, it again: It's better to get it right than to get it right now.

Think all you want. We'll be here.

jsid-1150245066-506759  wrangler5 at Wed, 14 Jun 2006 00:31:06 +0000

The left represents the forces of collectivism, which inevitably (according to all the history I'm familiar with) results in the tyranny of very few over everybody else. Of course, most "thinking" lefties think they will end up on the top of the heap making policy, so if somebody down in the pile gets tyrannized a bit, well, that's just for the greater good of the greater number.

What I find incomprehensible is the unwillingness of the left to recognize (admit) what really happens when the left fully takes charge. Most of the "thinkers" tend to end up with a bullet in the brain. Journalists who write something unpopular with somebody higher up the food chain end up with a bullet in the brain. Professors who admit to thinking even a little bit outside the box end up with a bullet in the brain. (Substitute disappearing into a prison system without a habeas corpus procedure for a "bullet in the brain", if you're squeamish.) And it isn't the greatest thinker who ends up at the top - it's the guy with the most viscious streak, the guy willing to slit the most throats.

But, amazingly, the lefties still soldier on for the collective. You're absolutely right about the necessity for constant vigilance and effort to stomp on 'em. I'll look forward to your further writings on the subject.

jsid-1150247224-506765  tomWright at Wed, 14 Jun 2006 01:07:04 +0000

I can recommend Ripples of Battle. It is a small but dense work, dense meaning not a lot of fluff, in a good way.

jsid-1150284779-506795  Guest (anonymous) at Wed, 14 Jun 2006 11:32:59 +0000

And don't forget to go to the range.

jsid-1150286339-506800  markm at Wed, 14 Jun 2006 11:58:59 +0000

Wrangler: The lefties favorite refrain is obviously, "But our intentions were good." They have an amazing ability to ignore the difference between declared intentions and actual actions and results.

OTOH, there are those conservatives and libertarians that keep expecting Bushes to keep a promise...

jsid-1151510870-510963  Ken Edwards at Wed, 28 Jun 2006 16:07:50 +0000

I urge all on this site to read the book "While Europe Slept" by Bruce Bawer.

He discusses what is going on in Europe today regarding Muslim immigration. The book is recommended by Mona Charen. The author is gay and a liberal but it is must reading for everyone, liberals and conservatives alike, and will send a chill up your spine. Liberals will say "Oh my God," conservatives will say "We been trying to tell you." My wife is on the liberal side and those were her words to me, and I am libertarian and those were my words to her.

Another must is "The Empty Cradle" by Phillip Longman, about what is happening to our country because of low birth rates. This is must reading for everyone under 50 so you understand the future you are creating for yourselves. No preaching here, just the facts.

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