[esd-l] RE: Inline attachments.

Smart, Dan SmartD at VMCMAIL.com
Tue Jan 31 10:49:42 PST 2006

So something upstream is mangling the attachments?  You think MessageLabs could be doing it when it Virus Scans attachments (if you care to venture a guess)?  Our CIO is the one getting mangled attachments, so its one of those drop everything type events.


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> From: John D. Hardin [mailto:jhardin at impsec.org] 
> Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 12:41 PM

> The sanitizer would not be the cause. The filename mangling 
> does not lose any of the original filename information, it 
> only adds to it.

This e-mail has been scanned by MCI/MessageLabs Managed Email Service.

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