[Esd-l] Perl error

Dan Doucette dano at redlon-johnson.com
Thu Mar 3 05:23:16 PST 2005

Hello List,

I've recently noticed some errors related to setuid in my procmail logs.

No -e allowed in setuid scripts.
procmail: Error while writing to " perl -p -e ' #\

I see this in the documentation:
Do not put html-trap.procmail into /etc/procmailrcs/ as implied by the
procmail man page. You'll get security errors from Perl about -e and setuid
scripts if you do this. You may also have problems with filtering mail sent
to root for this reason. 

My procmailrc is not setup like that. Any clues on where to look or how to

Thank You!
Dan Doucette

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