[Esd-l] Incoming scanning via local delivery and outgoing via LOCAL_CONFIG

Tristan Griffiths tristan.griffiths at stomp.com.au
Wed Jan 19 19:37:59 PST 2005

Is it possible to have the filter on both mail delivered locally
(already setup) and mail relayed? We would like to be a little bit
happier in the knowledge that the day any computer(s) gets a virus that
there is no way of that virus getting out and making our mail server
look bad for becoming a virus relay. The firewall is very restrictive
for most of the clients here so I'm not worried about a virus that uses
its own mailer.

Can we simply put the LOCAL_CONFIG rules in sendmail suggested at
impsec.org/email-tools/outgoing.tar.gz and the two wont conflict?

We already have the incoming rules (is there any difference between
them?) setup on our secondary MX. Was just wondering if it would be a
bad idea on our primary MX.

We've been using your procmail filter for at least 4 years now. Apart
from the occasional dropped leading 'F' (grrrr RedHat) and my slackness
in updating the installed filter, we've had a virus free workplace.
Combine your filter with ClamAV (which has been making leaps and bounds
since version 0.65) and there is no such thing as virus'.

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