[Esd-l] problem with SECURITY_NOTIFY_SENDER

Mgr. Michal Nikitinský mnikitinsky at zeal.cz
Mon Feb 21 00:13:19 PST 2005

o.ou --- yes! I tested it and you are true. When the domain of source server
is the same as domain in return address, the notification works like magic.

But I think that it isn't too good feature. Many people have mailboxes at
hosting-servers and that's why they can't fulfil this requirment :o(

Is there any way to switch off this feature?

thx, minik

> > In procmail.log I found:
> > NOTICE: Envelope sender domain <domain.com> not supported by
> > trusted Received: path. Suppressing sender notification.
> This means that <domain.com> did not appear in the local Received:
> header in a way that it could be trusted (e.g. derived from a reverse
> DNS lookup on the host that sent the email).
> This is to prevent sending notifications to obviously forged sender
> addresses, for example where the from address is <joe at msn.com> and
> the message did not come via an MSN server.

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